Valuable Medical Managers;

For a successful and sustainable health care, the increasing importance of supply chain and inventory management and international standards in the efficient use of resources today; we would like perform the second Congress of Medical Supply Chain Management between 7-9 December 2017 in Antalya in order to discuss the issues of Medical Supply Chain Management, keeping abreast of new technologies and successfully performed the first successful application on 18-22 February 2015.

The correct and efficient use of time, space and financial resources in the supply chain and inventory management is the most significant issue. Benefiting from the knowledge and experiences of the instititions which has shown a progress in this field in our country, sharing the needed systems, technologies and pilot scheme with the medical managers, and bringing the companies serving in manufacturing products together with the medical managers are the top priority objectives of our congress.

We think that the content of Medical Supply Chain Management Congress will be enriched with some academic papers and courses.

This congress will be a platform which unites the sector professionals with the Medical Supply Chain Fair exhibited new products, services and technologies as well as education and information interchange in the fields of procurement, logistics, stock follow-up, recording, auditing, finance and informatics. We would be delighted to welcome you in our International Medical Supply Chain Management Congress.

Best regards,

Prof. Dr. Eyüp GÜMÜŞ
Republic of Turkey Undersecretary, Ministry of Health

Prof. Dr. Cevdet ERDÖL
MSU Rector / Congress President